English School: Dublin South


Situated in South Dublin this school is located in a historical building and has a beautiful view of the Grand Canal. With a social program that offers a variety of tours and festivals, movie nights, visits to museums and art galleries amongst others, one of the most popular schools with students. It also offers classes for other languages ​​such as Italian, French, Spanish, Portuguese and German. For more information about other languages courses please contact us directly.



  General English Course

  General English Course + Businesse

  Preparation of IELTS / Cambridge

  CELT Teacher Training

  Other Languages

Student per classroom: 15
Minimum Age: 18 (17 during the months of July and August)

Hours: Morning / Afternoon

Facilities: 25 Bright classrooms, Café / Restaurant, Library, Meditation Room, Computer Lab, Recreation room for students



Accreditation and Memberships: Accreditation and Co-ordination of English Languages ​​Services (ACELS), Marketing English Ireland (MEI), British Council, Association of Language Travel Organizations (ALTO)



Prices* 2015


General English

CourseHours€/1 week€/4 week€/8 week€/12 week€/ + week
General English Fluency (GE20)2023091017402460160
General English Fluency Plus (GE25)25285113021803120215
General English Fluency Intensive (GE25INT)25470187036605340395
General English Fluency (GE30INT) 30710283055808220630
Fluency Intensive + Business (GE25INTB)25470187036605340395
Fluency Intensive + Business (GE30INTB)30710283055808220630
GE20 : 20 hours group tuition
GE25 : 20 hours group tuition + 5 hours small group. Plus options : General English/FCE/CAE/TOEIC/IELTS
GE25INT : 20 hours group tuition + 5 hours individual
GE30INT : 20 hours group tuition + 10 hours individual
GE25INTB : 20 hours group tuition + 5 hours individual
GE25INTB : 20 hours group tuition + 10 hours individual
FCE : 20 hours group tuition
IELTS : 20 hours group tuition


Academic Year

Academic YearHours€/25 weeks€/36 weeks €/48 weeks
General English Fluency20454062808220
General English Fluency Plus255915828010860

Administration and Extra Fees

Administration and Extra Fees€/Price
Course Registration60
Course Materials30
Medical Insurance150/year
Accommodation Placement60
Airport Transfer - Adult75 each way
Airport Transfer - Junior50 each way


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*All the prices are in Euro (€)