What is Homestay?

Homestay is a type of accommodation where native families from a specific country receive into their homes, language students who wish to learn the official language of the country they are travelling to .

This is also known as a “Host Family” and the main idea is that students improve their ability to communicate in another language through constant practice and daily interaction with families.

ISAI have many native Irish Families who are happy to receive into their home students from all over the world who wish to learn English.

Why Homestay?

Homestayis also a wonderful way to experience a new culture. We can offer you to stay with a native Irish family in Dublin and surrounding commuter towns for as long as you wish. Long term students generally stay with a family for the first 4 weeks after arrival, in this way they become familiar with the types of transport, areas of the city and gain important local knowledge.

We highly recommend this option for those who would like to experience a deeper introduction to the culture and benefit from language immersion. Irish families are lovely and very helpful and if you decide to go for this alternative you can also add meals to your package.

If you would like to get more information about “Homestay” in Dublin click here.

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What does the the Homestay include?

  • Accommodation in a single or shared bedroom
  • Breakfast and Dinner
  • Optional lunch
  • WI FI
  • Sheets, pillowcases and duvet
  • Does not include towels

Homestay Price :

  • €210 per week in a single room
  • €190 per week & per person (only available for 2 people coming together at the same time)