How much does an English Course cost?
  Which country is best for me?
  Do I need a visa?

These are some of the questions that you are probably wondering if you are thinking about studying abroad. The good news is that we can answer to all of your questions FOR FREE.
Yes, we don’t charge you for supporting you at all the stages of the exchange program abroad. This is because we have agreements with different certified schools in our destinations, so we can offer you discounted programs and advise you without adding any extra cost to the value of the course.




It is great to go abroad and study a new language or completing a Degree or even a Post Graduate course but do you know if you need a visa?
A visa is a permission granted to you in order to remain in a country for a certain period of time. Visa requirements might vary depending on the country you are going to and the country that you are originally from.
If you are from the European Union (EU) and you want to study in Europe you don’t need a visa. However if you come from other countries and you want to study in Europe, you must get a visa that allows you to stay and study in the country you choose.
Every country has its own visa requirements based on nationality, funds and type of course. It is important to highlight that some countries only offer “Student Visas” that allow students to work generally on a part time basis.
For more information about what type of visa you need contact directly to us


We know that part of the experience of living abroad is finding a job, and in ISAI we are happy to help you to improve your CV.
If you are new in a country where you don’t speak the language properly, it’s more likely that you will have to build up a new CV. For instance if you are an engineer, living in a Native English speaking country, but you don’t know very well English you might have to apply for a job that allows you to improve your English, for example within the Hospitality Industry.
Otherwise if you are a professional living in a country where you can communicate very well but you don’t know the best format to present your CV, we can also guide you.
We have helped many students to find jobs and we are very glad to be part of their new experience abroad, so when you register for a course with us we review your CV.



We have a wonderful team dedicated to answer to all your questions and remove your doubts at any time. Our response rate is very fast, so if you have any question regarding to English courses in our destinations, accommodation in Dublin or visa procedures let us know and we will get back to you as soon as possible.




In ISAI we want to add some value to your experience abroad so we can help you to find an internship in Dublin if you enrol in an English Course.

Many companies can offer you an internship but generally you have to pay for them. We want you to have the best experience abroad so we have agreements with different companies in Dublin and depending on your experience and knowledge of the language we can organize you an interview to get an Internship.